Convenient, but not spoiled.

Simple, but way more effective.


includes: 6pcs SOFF-FACE (2 grey, 2 pink, 2 blue) 1pc biner, 1pc laundry bag

*colors cannot be mixed or changed.

“simple, effective &  reusable face cleansing pad, SOFF-FACE”


Smart face cleansing pad which is good for your skin and the environment

One smart solution to swipe it away in a healthy and Eco-friendly way. SOFF FACE CLOTH will change your whole soap-and-water routine. Keep your skin healthier, Keep our environment cleaner.  

You can carry SOFF Face Cloth anywhere and use it any time without hassle.

Refresh yourself on any occasion!


If you like to use a washclothyou will definitely loveSOFF-FACE. SOFF-FACE has a 3.5-inch compact size, so it dries faster than regular a washcloth. Also, it is easy to carry it with you anywhere and use it at any time. The best alternative for cotton pads, washcloth, handkerchief, sports towel, and even a face cleanser!


SOFF FACE CLOTH is made of wedge-shaped microfiber which are 100 times finer than human hair and super absorbent. That's how SOFF FACE CLOTH is able to remove the makeup and wipe off filthy particles easily.

Ultra-soft microfiber has a much better function in washing your skin and cleaning viruses and bacteria from surfaces.  

You might not knew your cleanser has these much chemicals in it. Most face cleansers have a PH of 7-11 to remove excess sweat and body oils. Considering skin is your body's largest organ and it's crucial to know what you're applying to your body organs. 

SOFF FACE CLOTH is a natural way of clear your skin. Since it has no chemicals in it, it doesn’t disrupt the PH levels in your skin and you will regain balanced and healthy skin.

By gently exfoliating your skin with SOFF FACE CLOTH, you can reduce wrinkles, diminish acne, whiteheads, and blackheads. SOFF FACE also clears clogged pores from dirt and bacteria and removes makeup without disrupting the PH levels in your skin so that it keeps its natural resilience. Your skin will be smoother and clearer!


  • Brand: SOFF

    Product: SOFF-FACE

    Size: 3.5 x 3.5 inch

    Weight: 7oz

    Fabric: Ultra Microfiber 100%

    Color: blue/grey/pink

    Care Instruction: Machine washable / tumble dry

    Made in Korea