Bath Towel 53x29.5 in

Hand Towel 34.4x17.7 in

Sports Towel 34.4x8.2 in


Do not damage your skin and hair anymore!

Don't rub it, just press and squeeze with SOFF Towel.

SOFF Towel has the best absorbency.

You no longer have to rub!

The best way to protect your skin and hair.

Rubbing your hair causes serious damage, and that becomes another stress in your life!

Just gently press and squeeze with the SOFF Towel.

It will protect against damaging your hair and skin.

Also, it will reduce the time needed to dry your hair and body!



SOFF Towel will definitely be the Best towel you use.


SOFF Towel Features

  • Anti-bacteria: It uses high density micro fiber antibacterial material
  • The best Absorbency: Excellent absorbency
  • Super Fast Drying: It dries quickly preventing and eliminating any odor.
  • Easy care: It is easy to clean. Just toss it in to your washer or dryer.
  • Compact Size: Easy to carry anywhere!
  • Microfiber Material: 80% Poly Microfiber + 20% Nylon Microfiber
  • Feels like New Everytime: Unlike other towels, it will still feel just like new each time and will feel the same after years of use.
  • Durable and Long-lasting: It is more durable, softer, and does not get stiff. 
  • Design Philosophy: Simple and modern design makes the SOFF Towel special.
  • Colors: 4 different colors including Grey,White, Blue, Navy
  • Multi-uses: Shower/ Beach/ Sports/ Etc.
  • Proven Customer Satisfaction: Consumers in the Asian market have been using this towel for years and are completely satisfied


No more wet and stinky Towels!

SOFF towel is an indispensable necessity in any bathroom.

SOFF towel is essential because it is used for various purposes such as washing your body after shower, washing your face and hands, wiping your feet.

The towel is very important because it is in direct contact with your face, body, hair, and skin.

Typical towels which retain the moisture, and are slow drying tend to create the perfect environment for growing bacteria.

Instead of absorbing the water with when using a traditional towel, the body becomes buried with germs.

No more stinky and smelly towels! It can be harmful to You and Your Family. 


SOFF Towel dries super fast which eliminates odor.

Do not waste a lot of time with unwanted morning stress!

Save your time. No more water dripping from your hair. 

It will take your life to the next level.






Bring with you Anywhere, Anytime!

  • Bath | Shower
  • Face | Hand
  • Outdoor Activities : Hiking | Swimming
  • Workout | Sports
  • Beach


Easy Care | Compact Size

Do not want to bring a dirty towel back home?

Don't worry! You can clean even sand off the SOFF Towel by simply shaking it off just once even at the beach.

SOFF Towel is so compact, you can carry it anywhere.

You just need to toss it into your washer or dryer for care. That's it!






Story of SOFF

SOFF creates minimalist objects that make our lives more convenient.

Our high quality microfibers might cost more to make but the quality over materials used in other in other towels speaks volumes.

We develop and make luxurious SOFF Towels at our OWN headquarters and factory. 

That's why SOFF can produce and manufacture great quality products at reasonable prices. 

Producing and making our own product from high grade fibers and materials are the biggest reason why SOFF can present you the best quality and best priced product.




SOFF Towel

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